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Despite the pandemic, the Swiss Sorehsa AG Group, Basel opened a new branch of CityReha in the most attractive area of Beijing.

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CityReha Shouhou opened its doors on October 1st 2020. The new center is located in a in a 5-star senior care facility close to Chaoyang Park and surrounded by many western embassies and international schools. Our sino-international team is welcoming and treating athletes and patients from all over the world. Whether athletes want to return to sports after injury or seniors want to improve their quality of life our experienced international Physiotherapists (PT) and Medical Training Therapy (MTT) professionals are providing the full range of services in PT and MTT from the early acute phase after injury/surgery and chronic problems to primary and secondary prevention. We’re guiding the recovery process from injury, surgery, disease or chronic symptom to the best possible outcome. 

Cooperation with the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

Recently, CityReha has concluded a cooperation with the CBA and China-Life-Insurance. As part of this cooperation, CityReha completes an initial isokinetic assessment with the majo­rity of the professional CBA athletes in order to ascertain the functional status and condition of the players and to identify possible neuromuscular deficits and to create better conditions for the prevention of further injuries by means of appropriate instructions or a training plan.

Sophisticated Equipment from Germany & USA

City Reha Shouhou is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated devices in China and probably even worldwide. From a health risk assessment (Cardioscan), through assessments of endurance and balance capabilities to comprehensive isokinetic multi-joint (Biodex System 4), spine & trunk assessments by tergumed, the facility has all relevant options to identify all physical deficits and accordingly design tailor-made training measures for each patient individually. 

With AlterG and vacumed CityReha also offers high class treatment &training with NASA technologies. AlterG provides an individual gait therapy for orthopedic & neurologic patients as well as a cardiovascular performance training for athletes. Vacumed offers a vascular training, regeneration, and stimulation of blood circulation. For further regeneration, CityReha offers cardioscan Airzone. With Airzone, one breathes in alternating oxygen-reduced and ambient air. Having less oxygen available, the body reacts with adaptation and self-healing processes. Among other things, the powerful mitochondria multiply, which leads to an improved energy supply and slowing down the aging process.

Membership program for Milon Micro Center 

CityReha Shouhou complements its services with attractive prevention and memberships programs. For special target groups a completely new training area is designed: 

Our NEW MILON MICRO CENTER is also high-level equipped with Cardioscan, Milon Circuit Training, Sensopro and Wonderwall. Here, our members receive an individual but targeted and very efficient training plan tailored to their personal needs based on the Milonizer BodyScan and a Milonizer Fitness check-up. This combines strength training including an endurance part with a coordination and mobility training. 

Sorehsa AG continues to follow its vision to grow

Sorehsa AG is still following its vision and reacted counter-cyclically by investing into the future with the opening of CityReha Shouhou in Beijing. Antoni Mora, CEO of Sorehsa Ag Group, stated with regards to this project: “The planning and implementation of this project in uncertain times was a demanding for the project team which is – due to the pandemic – partly located in Switzerland. Now we are looking forward to ta successful future.”

Sibylle Mora Head of Business Development, Sorehsa AG Basel

General Manager, CityReha Beijing

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Head of Business Development, Sorehsa AG Basel, Schweiz & General Manager, CityReha Beijing, China

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